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Portrait of Josa Young by Christian Cuninghame 2009

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Welcome to the online home of Josa Young’s debut novel One Apple Tasted (E&T Books).

28 May 2014: Josa Young's second novel Sail Upon the Land will be published in October 2014. Review copies available in July 2014. Please get in touch if you would like one.

25 November 2013 One Apple Tasted received a boost over the weekend, and is No 1 Romantic Comedy (paid for) in Kindle - No 12 overall in Kindle charts. The new novel, Sail Upon the Land, will be published in paperback and on Kindle and other devices, in October 2014.

18 February 2010: I am appearing at The Fire Station Book Swap with the thrilling Patrick Woodrow, as Scott Pack announces in his hilarious and informative publishing blog Me and My Big Mouth. Come along and meet us, bring cake and/or a slanket to get in free and generally enjoy this refreshing take on the book event.

26 January 2010: I am delighted to announce that I have accepted representation from literary agent Lizzy Kremer at David Higham. They have relaunched their website with novel horizontal navigation. Their stable includes so many of my favourite writers, living and dead, including Richard Hughes and Jane Grigson. 

More blogging goodness, this time, oddly enough from It's a Crime! by the wonderful Rhian Davis, who compares me to Mary Wesley, another early inspiration. Quite glad I didn't have to wait til I was 70 for publications though. 

Tweets that make me happy: 


Just finished @JosaYoung 's One Apple Tasted. Entertaining, engaging, sexy, quirky. A heroine you don't know whether to throttle or shag.


RT @firebookswap: Authors confirmed for our February 18  Book Swap are acclaimed debut novelist @JosaYoungand thriller writer @Patrick_Woodrow.

@missdaisyfrost If you do not #ff @JosaYoung then actually you are a bit mad - she is sharp as a knife, bright as a button and very lovely. JUST DO IT NOW

@PublicityBooks Happy New Year all! Read several books over the holiday and one of the most enchanting was @JosaYoung's One Apple Tasted. Wonderful escapism.

Follow my tweets on Twitter @JosaYoung for updates on everything from the new novel, to recipes and goings on in my life.

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The Blog Tour II - More from Me in Other People's Blogs

Latest blog tour smack down:

- Jane Smith of How Publishing Really Works allowed me to make a nest in her blog.

- The famous One Apple Tasted fishpie recipe features in the lively Hangups & Handbags

- A brief memoir of my debutante daysin Jessica Fellowes' amusing blog Posh Girl in the City.

- Fellow novelist Caroline Smailes, whose beautifully designed site I have long admired: I answered her questions happily, including a funny one about Simon Cowell (no, I don't is the answer). Then comes Helen Beal, who asked some extremely probing questions, which included a question that got me to dig very deep into what really matters to me, and one about shoes.

- And the magnificent ChickLitBlog's Leah wrote a long and interesting review about how much the characters lived for her, which I found really touching.

Blog Tour

In the run up to publication, I was invited into other people's blogs to answer a few questions: Strictly Writing, Specimen Days, Book Army and more. 

You can follow Josa Young on Twitter, or join the One Apple Tasted Facebook group, from which you will be updated about events and happenings around the novel, including signings.


For Dora Jerusalem, fresh out of Cambridge with a head full of Victorian novels and romantic dreams, landing a job at Modern Woman magazine seems like amazing luck. But her sheltered background hadn't prepared her to resist the charms of rich, spoilt kids with nasty habits and nothing to lose. Inevitably she falls in love with art dealer Guy Boleyn, but it isn't the right time, place or circumstances for either of them. And all the while a long-buried secret lies in wait to booby-trap any attempt at happiness. Kicking off in 1980s London, One Apple Tasted traces one girl's attempts to be married in the modern world. 

*Listen to Josa Young reading from the Prologue by clicking Play on the video top right.

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Feedback and Reviews

LATEST REVIEW: @BucksWriter came to the Fire Station Book Swap in Windsor, and took a signed copy of One Apple Tasted home. What happened next was this lovely, insightful review. ' Having now read (OAT), I would say this is a genre-defying debut - in a very good way...' READ MORE

WINDSOR FIRESTATION BOOK SWAP: I am delighted to announce that influential book blogger, publisher and general man about books Scott Pack has invited me to take part with thriller writer Patrick Woodrow on 18 February 2010. Bring cake to get in free, or wear a slanket. And bring a book to swap. READ MORE

RHIAN DAVIS WRITES:Did you – like me – relish the novels of Mary Wesley back in the 80s into the early 90s?  Well, if this is so I have good news for you. Josa Young has picked up the baton on that unique blend of eccentricity, no holds barred life and love among the titled, the well-off and the not so well-off.  READ MORE

THE PEOPLE'S BOOK PRIZE: In One Apple Tasted Young displays one of the most charming talents of classic English writers, the ability to laugh affectionately at their own way of life whilst nevertheless being deeply in love with it. Quirky, unique and fun. We expect great things from Josa Young. READ MORE

MRS TREFUSIS RECOMMENDS:'One Apple Tasted follows its magazine journalist heroine, the endearing, sweet and single-minded Dora through the hopes and disappointments of first – and last – love. The object of her affections is feckless in the Willoughby mould, yet it’s part of the skill of author, Josa Young, that you see him through Dora’s eyes, and love his flaws as much as his more obvious attractions. READ MORE

EMMA HAGERSTADT WRITES IN THE INDEPENDENT 13 AUGUST 2009: "Following in the footsteps of once-popular novelists Rose Macaulay and Margaret Kennedy, Josa Young debuts with an entertaining and charming romance about love, sex and the upper-middle classes behaving badly." READ MORE

JULIE MYERSON WRITES: "Funny, warm, touchingly eccentric and irresistibly readable."

ISABEL WOLFF WRITES: "Compelling, original, cleverly plotted and funny, One Apple Tasted reads like a Virago Modern Classic."

FABRICE PATAUT WRITES: "You can't forget Dora. You're with her all along - in many senses of that phrase. The twist in the tale works very well. It's completely unexpected."

CHERYL PASQUIER WRITES:"Will somebody please get Cupid signed up for some archery lessons pronto, because his magic little love darts seem to be way off the mark pretty much all through the book !" READ MORE

HELEN HUNT WRITES: "As you read this novel, you’ll love spending time in the company of Dora Jerusalem, Guy Boleyn and the rest of the large and well-drawn cast." READ MORE

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